Artist Statement

My large-scale watercolors of natural subjects have a vivid, dramatic presence.

Color excites me -- seeing it, mixing it, working it into many transparent layers bringing nature into crystalline focus.  Image and technique combine to summon the viewer's own inner landscape of memories and emotions. They are elaborately detailed, introspective, and can take from four to ten months to complete. The transparency of this medium allows me to build many complex layers of color and afford me the contemplation that is central to my process. Watercolor is my chosen medium because the jewel-like purity of its colors and the fluidity of the brush moving across the page in a pool of water allow me to achieve a range of expression truly unique to this medium.

For the past decade, the Coastal Maine landscape and Monet’s garden in Giverny, France have been the sources of my subject matter for my watercolors. In Coastal Maine I find a landscape richly evocative of the timeless and universal archetypes of being -- the sovereignty of the island, the connectedness of the forest, the ebb and flow of the tidal pathway. In Monet’s garden, I find an exquisite and well tended artists garden filled with light ,exuberant color and texture. In this garden, which flourishes in a constant state of flux, I feel a deep connection to the past, present, and future.

I begin the physical work on-site with fast and intuitive plein air studies to access a pure and unfiltered response to my subject. I take numerous reference photos spanning 360 degrees, including earth and sky. I return to the scene many times over during the course of creating a watercolor. The paintings are painted in my studio from the plein air sketches, memory, reference photos and additional watercolor studies done in the studio. 


                       ~Marjorie Glick